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Surveillance Camera Installation

Residential & commercial cctv/security camera systems

Security/surveillance cameras let you view the inside and/or the outside of your home – anytime and whenever you want. Integrating video into your home security system enables you to view any area of your property from a simple click of a button.

Installing these cameras in your home can beneficial for a number of reasons including:

1Keeping the bad guys away: An outdoor security camera will help deter burglars. Typically, these potential thieves will case your home before they actually rob it. If the criminals spot a camera, they just might change their minds about breaking into your home. A home security camera can prevent your family from becoming victims of crime.

2. Helping police: If a theft should occur, your security cameras can provide police with the information – like a description – they need to convict the thief and maybe even help retrieve stolen goods. Be sure you have a good quality camera that can capture faces accurately.

3. Watching the kids and/or elderly family members: It’s always nice to have another set of eyes on your children as well as your aging parents when they’re home alone. Adding remote video will allow you to log in and check up on them from your office computer, smartphone, or tablet. Cameras can also be used to keep an eye on younger kids and their teenage babysitters.

4. Checking up on your pets: Ever wonder what mischief your furry friends are getting into when you’re at work? Worried about an older pet that might need special attention? With a home security camera, you can ensure that your four-legged loved ones are safe and sound – and not ripping your sofa cushions to shreds.

5. Saving money on homeowners insurance: Most major insurers will offer lower premiums if you protect your property with against theft, fire, and vandalism with a professionally-installed and monitored home security system. A more advanced system that includes home security cameras could net you a 15% or even 20% discount on your rates.

Home security cameras as part of a state-of-the-art home security system will help ensure your loved ones are protected and offer you peace of mind knowing they feel secure.

Once you have a system installed, you definitely realize that a CCTV/Security Camera System is an essential necessity and not a luxury!

TV Mounting Service  in Sunrise, FL

TV mountings

The majority of new flats screen TVs are designed to be wall mounted and have pre-made holes in the back for attaching to mounts and brackets.

These are all designed to a standard – called the VESA Mounting Interface Standard – which means you can pick up a bracket of a certain size and be certain it will fit. The type of mount you need is usually stated on the box the TV comes in.


The biggest advantage of wall mounted TVs is the space it saves you. Because they are so thin and can be secured so close to the wall, they hardly stick out at all. This also means you don’t need to take up floor space with a table or stand.

Wall-mounted TVs are used as the focal point of a room and give a sleek and modern finish. The wires can be hidden to make the room less cluttered and means you won’t trip over them.

Wall mounted TVs also make it easier to achieve the optimal viewing distance and reduce the chance of eye or neck strain. You can attach the screen at a height to suit you.


indoor/outdoor speakers &home theater systems

Spending the weekend doing yard work? Or throwing a barbecue and pool party on a Sunday night? An outdoor speaker system lets you enjoy and enhance the experience of your outdoor activities, whatever they are. Even if you’re just chilling on your chaise lounge with a paperback in one hand and a cocktail in another, the thought of listening to your favorite music through outdoor speakers that run through an amplifier will prove to be irresistible.

Add to Your Experience with a Home Theater

Are you thinking upping your home technology game? If you’re a movie buff, sports fan or video game expert, having a home theater system can give the experience of being in a large movie theater without having to leave your home. You can stream your favorite movie without the hassle of waiting in line for tickets or having to sit in a crowded theater. Your home theater can be as comfortable as you want for those weekends of binge watching a new TV show or playing that video game you per-ordered.